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Anna Nevola founded A.D.P. Srl 1961 in Saronno (Varese) as a local distribution agency for newspapers and periodicals, starting with initially 12 newsstands. Capillary distribution of press products was at its beginning, the newspapers did arrive by train and were then processed in manual way.

The strong economical and structural development of the sector in the 1960s, together with the entrepreneurial spirit of the owner and her determination for continuous commercial development and technological renewal, allows the agency to increase the number of served newsstands and to extend the operational area to the entire North West of Lombardy. This goes hand in hand with a continuous innovation into transport systems and the efficiency increase in distribution and warehousing.

La crescita e l'espansione

ADP press services continues to expand its presence in the North-West of Lombardy (Milan area, Varese, Como) and to represent all national and international publishers of newspapers and periodicals operating in this area.

ADP distinguishes itself with tailor made transport services according to the market evolution and by offering the entire logistics cycle to their customers’ demands.

Anna Nevola has personally followed all the historical phases of the company’s growth and, on joining the company, her daughter and son, Mara and Marcello Belotti, guarantee a generational changeover. ADP continues to embrace new challenges and to adopt itself to social and market related changes and to the requirements of its own customers. Since 1961 its aim has been to provide highest quality service, to diversify the product offer and fields of competence. By this approach ADP Services knew how to seize new arising opportunities with entrepreneurial spirit and the enthusiasm that characterizes and distinguishes ADP.

This attitude, combined with the dedication to technological development, has allowed ADP to extend and diversify its product offer into new fields such as Personalized Press services to Businesses, services for libraries, inter-library exchange, logistical and transport services and load weighing service, publishing, collection services, certified recycling and exploitation of paper and cardboard, safety storage for goods under insolvency regulation as well as promotional activities for and to supplied newsstands.

ADP’s mission expresses itself in its flexibility and versatility to its customers. Each customer receives its service “tailor”-made and guaranteed 24 hours 7 days a week.


Anna Nevola has been awarded the prestigious Italian medal “Cavaliere della Repubblica” as merit for her long-lasting entrepreneurial life and her contributions to the local and regional economical development.


Total availability to customer needs
Tailor-made service for each customer
24 hours a day, 7 days a week