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Procurement and delivery service of publications to libraries

ADP Services for libraries is offering domestic and world-wide research for any book or press title for public and private libraries as well as the specific title track down to complete collections.

Cumulative catalogue research of Italian libraries. Recommended for tracing rare or uncommon documents not available in other Italian data bases or catalogues.

For whom is made this service?

ADP search, purchase and delivery directly to the library any type of publication from Italy or the rest of the world.

It is a service for public and private libraries. Customers are civic and municipal libraries, school libraries and specialised libraries, business libraries (e.g. medical libraries belonging to hospitals or technical libraries inside companies), Italian state libraries, local authority libraries, libraries belonging to universities or public and private institutions.

ADP’s library service is designed to let save its customers time and resources in the search for missing volumes or publications to complete a collection or required within the offered product range.

This service may contain books, magazines, publications as well as online subscriptions.

ADP participates in tenders by public or private libraries for the selection of new suppliers of literature. Thus chosen ADP will carry out all research operations to track the material of the tender. The material will be purchased and supplied to the contracting body.

How does the service work?

ADP conducts searches for new books, rare books, newspapers, magazines, new or back issues of specialized publications and delivers them directly to the libraries that have opted for this service.

The service is also available for online publications.

ADP is specialized in providing in providing libraries with all types of publication from Italy or the rest of the world, in Italian or in foreign languages.

Where do we offer this service?

At present, ADP offers its services to public and private libraries located in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria. The agency is registered to each regions’ supplier platform. The service can be extended to the whole national territory.


Contact us for further information or send us the invitation to a tender. You can then be sure about our participation.