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Safety storage for goods under insolvency regulation

ADP Safety Storage Insolvency Regulation Service collaborates with receivers to clear premises, recover and store goods. When a receiver is appointed by the Court they also have the task of emptying the premises. All products that belonged to the bankrupt company such as furniture, accessories, materials, goods of a various nature, plant and equipment, documents that belonged to the bankrupt company should be removed and stored in a secured place. ADP Services is able to manage the entire process: preparing and loading of the material, transport and storage of goods in our company’s warehouses until the conclusion of the activities and to the goods’ final destination.

ADP provides their own spaces for storage under insolvency or receivership regulation.

For whom is this service made?

This ADP service offer is dedicated to professionals registered as Chartered Accountants and Accounting experts, Lawyers and work consultants, involved in insolvency and receivership cases at all Italian Court places.