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interscambio bibliotecario adp servizi

Transport service for interlibrary exchanges

ADP works for library pools to enable the exchange of books and volumes between libraries belonging to the pool.

The interlibrary exchange service allows library users to be provided with library books, publications, magazines, monographs and reproductions of documents not held in their own library, through a system of cooperation and exchange with other pool libraries that have the requested material available.

ADP provides transport for the interchange of books, magazines or publications within the library pool requested by users at one pool member but not found there. The service allows the quick exchange of material between the hubs and fast transfer between the libraries of the same pool to meet requests among the pool members.

The pool coordinates the library network, increase the members’ awareness and use of library services and in particular the interlibrary exchange service, which is available to everyone and easily provides the searched information. The service operates as a network: users of any pool library are also network users and in this way they can participate to the benefits from interlibrary exchange.

Where do we offer this service?

ADP offers this service, including sorting and delivery, to libraries all over Lombardy.

How does the service works?

On a daily basis, ADP collects the volumes that need to be exchanged between the various libraries, sorts them in their warehouse – which acts as a hub – and delivers them to the requesting libraries.


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