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Personalized Press services to Businesses

Our home delivery personalized Press services to Businesses and professionals was born to deliver print media used as an instrument of work on a daily basis, punctually and swiftly.

Our “door-to-door” service is very popular and practical. You choose the days, time and place of delivery. It can be customized to the client’s own needs and requirements. ADP is the first to arrive at your business: our deliveries start in the early hours of the morning.

For whom is this service made?

Every day ADP delivers daily newspapers, magazines and publications to TV and radio editors, Television and radio journalists, anchormen and women, media and broadcasting organizations, publishing houses, advertising agencies, public institutions, banks and multinational companies, and business executives who want to be informed on a daily base and are requiring the material receipt at a precise time.

How do we operate?

The distribution is organized by user and/or cost center, allowing a reliable, punctual and tailor-made service.

In addition to the print media supply ADP also offers the management of online publication subscriptions on behalf of their clients.