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Newspaper and Media distribution

ADP Publishing, press and publications distribution service operates in the print distribution sector – newspapers, periodicals and other publications – to newsstands and points of sale in the Milan hinterland and in the North West of Lombardy (Milan, Varese, Como) reaching more than 400 points of sale every day, all of them electronically connected.

ADP Publishing, press and publications distribution, distributes products popular among the target group of children, teens and young adults. These target groups are bringing the deciders with purchasing power to the point of sales and are influencing their choices. Next to publishing products ADP supplies the point of sale also with cell phone gadgets, give aways, gifts and books.

How do we distribute?

Distribution is organized by dedicated software allowing an efficient and precise service, optimized circulation and distribution level. Each point of sale is electronically connected and can independently manage its orders and returns.

ADP provides the best communication solutions for the circulation and promotion of the products on display and to encourage impulse purchasing. ADP Services manages promotional activities at points of sale, providing circulation consulting services for editorial products.

For whom is this service made?

The daily service of press product distribution serves 400 points of sale including newsstands, railway stations, airports (International airports Linate and Malpensa), retail chainstores and supermarkets as well as other multiple retailers and fuel stations.

Communication and Advertising

ADP Services offers solutions to promote products at points of sale, customize newsstands and exploit innovative advertising tools. Improving the visibility of the shops is an important part of our consultancy work in order to stimulate purchases. All our client newsstands benefit from our electronic service for document management, orders and returns.