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Storage service, warehousing and logistics

ADP is involved in the management of integrated logistics services and warehousing for third parties, to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses requiring flexible solutions for warehousing and storage of goods when their own spaces are insufficient.

Services and costs are customized, often created and tailored to meet specific needs of our customers. The services offered are fully integrated for a correct management of warehouse logistics and to ensure optimal organization of material flows.

Large spaces are structured and well organized for storing goods and preserving raw materials, semi-finished or finished products. Warehouse management is constantly monitored and controlled in order to ensure fast accessibility and movement of goods thanks to the traceability of the asset. The goods are placed at disposal for their collection or shipment.

ADP Services is your professional contact for all logistic activities.

Our warehouses can accommodate any type of product and our processing and picking services guarantee quality with speed and reliability.

The service consists of the following activities:

  • good reception
  • load weight service
  • unloading and depalletizing
  • personalized warehousingg in dedicated pallet storage
  • storage of goods
  • preparation of orders
  • services for packaging, labelling and billing
  • quality control of products and packaging
  • preparation and storage of documents

Quality Control

The deposit service, storage and logistics can be integrated with a quality control service of stored products that are subsequently reconditioned and prepared to be shipped to the customer in perfect condition.

Goods in storage in the ADP warehouse are controlled by verifying that the product and the packaging are intact and marketable. Any damaged parts are reported to the customer and, on their instructions, disposed of. Suitable products are prepared for shipment and sent to their destination in the times and the manner agreed upon.

Transport service

ADP provides a High performing, efficient and personalized transport service which guarantees maximum punctuality, constant monitoring and ensures delivery in the agreed manner and times. Shipments are planned and organized to guarantee delivery deadlines together with high reliability and service quality.

ADP establishes a personal relationship with its customers that allows an optimal management of freight traffic.

ADP is supporting leading trade fairs such as “Handicrafts in Fiera” (Ge.Fi, Milan) as a storage provide and courier to the exposers and the final customer during the fair.

ADP Storage Service takes care of newspaper and magazine transport, national and international express services, custom transport, express transportation and distribution for third parties.

ADP is enrolled in the national transport company register, position N° . The transport department is divided into one dedicated to national transport and one dedicated to international transport.

For whom is this service made?

Storage and logistic services are offered to small and medium-sizes businesses from currently the following areas: Media, Manufacturing, Chemistry, Telecommunications, Engineering, Trade fairs and others.

Delivery services are carried out to customers leading in their sectors such as Media, Consumer goods, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical industry, Tire and spare part distribution, libraries and many more.

The goods are stored in warehouses north of Milan for companies that operate in Lombardy and in the eastern part of Piedmont.


ADP warehouses are entirely fenced and equipped with camera surveillance 24h/7 to ensure maximum safety to our customers.

The warehouses are equipped with fire safety systems operative 24h/7.